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Why Taxnician??Outsourcing @ Taxnician: Often it is considered that outsourcing requires a huge amount of investment in terms of human resources, infrastructure, and technology making it a feasible solution only for the larger companies. This is a myth that probably emanated from the fact that outsourcing experiences of only large companies are covered in popular media. This assumption has been proven consistently wrong with fast multiplying instances of small mid market companies outsourcing their accounting, marketing support, HR activities and other processes for fruitful results. Accounting outsourcing has gained rapid popularity (the fast growing sizes of BPOs is a testimony to this). Apart from the cost savings, organizations have seen benefits in terms of accuracy, reliability and proper maintenance of their accounting books. Small accounting firms are now increasingly use offshore labor to reduce staff costs and improve margins. All businesses look to cut costs and this includes reducing accountants’ fees. While upskilling and offering a higher level of service to clients is important and attractive, maintaining profit margins from compliance work is essential to any firm’s survival and competitive edge. Outsourcing acts as a catalyst for adopting new age technologies, such as cloud based accounting software, document management software and remote working software.

We are familiar with and have experience in using most of the standard financial packages including Quickbooks, Tally , Excel etc.. In addition to this, the teams are capable of quickly learning any other accounting, payroll or data processing software - often at no cost to the client.