Data security is a key consideration in any outsourcing arrangement. Taxnician follows a strict security policy. You can be assured of the complete security and confidentiality of your data. We take the security concerns of our customers very seriously and have taken necessary security measures to ensure complete data privacy. We take following measures to safeguard your data:

Data Security – :
  • All data is backed up on a regular basis in server farms to enable anytime viewing by the clients.
  • We sign Non Disclosure/ confidentiality agreements with clients and our employees sign similar agreement. Each employee is bound by the agreement and not allowed to share information from engagements
Network Security – :
  • Use of secured line (128 bit SSL) to access and transmit data (images) from client's servers.
  • Segmented LAN with firewall protection
  • All ports except DNS and SMTP severs are disabled for the external world
PC Security – :
  • Access to source documents is restricted to authorized employees only.
  • Restricted access to fax and printing capabilities at the processing site.
  • No facility of external drives (CD drives, Floppy drives, USB ports) available in the workstations.
  • Limited internet access on need-basis
  • Limited usage of paper in the work-floor.
  • No access to personal e-mail
Quality control

Consistent quality is the hallmark of our services. This is achieved through standardised procedures enforced daily on all staff. We are people focussed and staff retention and training are of the utmost importance to us. Variance from any set procedures is only permitted with approval from the client.

  • Detailed Standard Operating Procedures and Checklist are laid down for the existing processes to understand the current workflow and time taken for the activity.
  • Deployment of resources is done for the offshore operations.
  • Continuous staff training for improved performance.
  • Limited internet access on need-basis
  • Responsibilities of client and staff are clearly defined.

To ensure high quality deliverables within strict deadlines, we maintain thorough quality checks and reviews at each stage of process. We have work matrix is place to ensure quality:

  • At first level, the data is processed by an associate, who prepares the data and other linked tasks.
  • At second level, the processed data is reviewed by immediate manager, who checks for any error or omissions.
  • Lastly, the final data is matched with the client specification. Thereafter, the final data is delivered to client.